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Key Essentials Investigations offers a service covering many aspects of investigative services. The key focus is to uncover the facts, not to find either party guilty or not guilty, but rather to deliver a precise and factual report, so you can take decisive action to manage and resolve the matter.

Private Investigations

Workplace Investigations

Employee behaviour can be a touchy subject. Comments and criticisms should be based on facts not suspicions or assumptions. If you are dealing with employees you suspect are taking excessive sick leave, working a second job, not working safe and putting you or your company at risk, Key Essentials Investigations can help by providing you with a factual base, either confirming your suspicions or putting them to rest. Employers can proceed accordingly, managing unacceptable behaviour and implementing corrective actions.

Process Serving

Process Serving

Professional process serving is the key to get an outcome with the right results and effectively serve all legal and important documents. Key Essentials Investigations offer this service to all legal professionals, businesses and individuals undertaking their own process in the Brisbane region and surrounding suburbs to Gold Coast. You will receive an accurate service from the initial receipt of instructions through to the return of a completed affidavit. You deal directly with professional delivering and serving your documents with no third party involvement.

Insurance Investigations

Insurance Investigations

Insurance companies rely on well trained investigators to get to the truth of the matter. Key Essentials Investigations offers clients specialist insurance investigation services not just in Brisbane and Gold Coast, but throughout the whole of Queensland, in all areas from workers compensation to public liability and general insurance (Property and Motor Vehicle) for both insurers and law firms. Key Essentials Investigations provides timely investigation services within the given time frames.

Fraud & Theft

Fraud and Theft

Fraud and theft can be an isolated incident or an ongoing problem with a complicated web of interactions and participants. Surveys show 1 in 4 employees steal from their employers and the size of the company does not matter. Depending on the nature of the fraud or theft in question and the case at hand, Key Essentials Investigations will systematically collate and analyse the available information and then cross-reference those findings with evidence that is uncovered in the field and during interviews.

Bullying & Harassment

Workplace Bullying

Bullying and harrassment in the workplace can poison the atmosphere and dampen morale. Getting past rumour and innuendo is essential to determining if bullying exists in your workplace and what you can do about it. Key Essentials Investigations can assist you in managing bullying and harassment complaints and reduce the risk of escalation through early intervention. A full and thorough investigation provides you with the information you need to make quick decisive actions and effective business decisions.



Surveillance is best left to the experts. If you have suspicions of some wrong doing, do not attempt surveillance on your own. It can be dangerous and illegal if done by an unlicensed and inexperienced person. Surveillance offered by Key Essentials Investigations can be static or covert and can involve either one or multiple operatives. You will always be guided to which surveillance services to apply. Once the surveillance is finalised, you will receive a full report identifying if the allegations can be substantiated or unsubstantiated.

Business professionals may say, “Why appoint an Private Investigator when you have staff you can task to do the job?”. Here’s 5 Key Reasons Why You Should Appoint an External Private Investigator. 


It is a requirement in Queensland that all private investigators are licensed under the Security Providers Act 1993. The definition of a private investigator under Section 6 of the Act is as follows: (1) A private investigator is a person who, for reward:
a) obtains and gives private information about another person, without the other person’s express consent; or
b) carries out surveillance for obtaining private information about another person, without the other person’s express consent; or
c) investigates the disappearance of a missing person.

Key Essentials Investigations Licence number 4080050.