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5 Key Reasons Why You Should Appoint an External Private Investigator!

Many companies are not familiar with the process of investigations and sometimes make the mistakes of appointing one of their existing staff members to investigate workplace issues, theft, or fraud that occur within their company or business. But this doesn’t always result in a suitable outcome.

1. Training: A licensed private investigator has been trained to recognize opportunities for theft or fraud in a company. They use equipment and techniques that are not known to the average person. The investigator focuses on uncovering the clues, studying the people involved and their possible motives. If you want a professional job done, hire a professional.

2. Experience. A licensed private investigator has done this before, many times. If you think you will save money by passing the job to an employee, think again. Think of the time lost from that employee’s regular work, time lost as the employee tries to learn how to find the evidence and the danger of accusing the wrong person or the possibility of coming up with no clear evidence. Experience contributes to an efficient investigation.

3. Distance. The licensed private investigator is a third party, removed from the company and its employees. The investigator brings an unbiased eye to the job. An unbiased eye sees all those little things that a fellow work colleague might overlook.

4. Legal knowledge. A licensed private investigator knows what they are allowed to do as far as surveillance and covert operations. An unlicensed person could cross the line and cause employees in question to make complaints or take action against the company.

5. Peace of mind. The workplace can be stressful for any number of reasons, workload, deadlines, and financial problems, and so on. When a serious problem arises, tensions run even higher. Give your people and yourself peace of mind by calling in a professional who will take less time getting to the root of the problem and provide the necessary facts to lead to a solution.

All Investigations and Activities Are Through A Licensed Private Investigator

Please note that Key Essentials Investigations does not endorse illegal searching for people protected from domestic violence activities. Clients can be assured that every legal avenue will be used to complete their instructions and within budgetary constraints.

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