Process Server

The main role of a process server is to deliver or serve legal documents on a defendant, respondent, another person, or company involved in a court case.

Do it Yourself Divorce Kit

A Brief On ‘Do it Yourself’ Divorce Kit

For most, the word DIVORCE is immediately stressful and scary, and most people do not like talking about their situation of the divorce process. 

Key Essentials Investigations & Process Server takes the word ‘scary’ out of the picture and turns it into a more calming situation. After serving many divorce documents, we have a lot of satisfied customers (both legal firms and private individuals) who provide excellent feedback following the process.

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Looking For A Skilled Agent Who Can Serve Divorce Papers?

Hello and welcome

My name is Peter Wood, a Licensed private investigator and Director of Key Essentials Investigations. My past life experiences have positioned me to comfortably and wisely serve the community, individuals, and law firms as a field agent and process server of legal papers. 

1. Why Hire Professional Process Server For Divorce Papers?

As a Private Investigator, with decades of experience dealing with conflict and workplace situations, I am skilled and experienced in locating, approaching, and undertaking these sensitive tasks. Upon ...

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