Do it Yourself Divorce Kit

A Brief On ‘Do it Yourself’ Divorce Kit

For most, the word DIVORCE is immediately stressful and scary, and most people do not like talking about their situation of the divorce process. 

Key Essentials Investigations & Process Server takes the word ‘scary’ out of the picture and turns it into a more calming situation. After serving many divorce documents, we have a lot of satisfied customers (both legal firms and private individuals) who provide excellent feedback following the process.

Serving Divorce Papers

Clients may elect to either post, email, or courier their instructions and documents to Key Essentials Investigations for attention.

If you are very time poor as most of us are today, we can discuss your file and its needs over the phone, accept your instructions and arrange the service, keeping you updated as to the progression. This can be done by phone, text, or email. The communication strategy is up to you, and we will agree to whatever method suits you and your situation.

How do I start the Divorce Process?

Step 1

You can file your Divorce Documents using the Family Court Portal. You must be separated from your partner for at least 12 months to qualify to File Divorce documents and also include a copy of your Marriage Certificate. You can download and follow the divorce kit.

Step 2

Complete the forms as required in the Service Kit supplied to you by the Court

Step 3

File all documents back at the Court and pay the filing fee. The Court will then advise you that you now have to arrange for your Divorce documents to be served by a Process Server if you don’t have someone you feel comfortable with serving them.

As a licensed private investigator and Director of Key Essentials Investigations, my past life experiences have positioned me to comfortably and wisely to serve individuals legal papers as a field agent and process server. 

Areas In Local Area For Process Serving

Key Essentials Investigations areas Brisbane to Logan and Gold Coast. Based at Shailer Park and a short distance to the flowing areas:
Process Server for delivering divorce papers Beenleigh, Eagleby, Carindale, Upper Mt Gravatt, Sunnybank, Rochdale, Rochdale South, Springwood, Daisy Hill, Tanah Merah, Underwood, Woodridge Marsden, Waterford, Runcorn, Eight Mile Planes,

To Hire A Professional Process Server – Call 0499 111 045

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About the Author:

My name is Peter Wood, directory of Key Essentials Investigations. People often ask me why I became a Process Server and Private Investigator and what skills do I have to do the job. For me, the transition from my past careers and work experiences logically lead me to be a Private Investigator and Process Server in Brisbane. My working life began in Glen Innes, where I was employed as an electrical appliance salesperson. This role taught me people skills, communication skills and sales skills. I was also an axillary firefighter in Glen Innes, and this positioned me well with decision making and equipment management. I moved to Brisbane and joined the Queensland Ambulance Service. My ambulance career was vast. I worked on-road as a paramedic for many years, and my on-road paramedic work was instrumental in fine-tuning streetwise abilities, being super observant, adopting a high level of questing and gaining an acute level of observing people’s behaviours. From operational on-road duties, I moved into training paramedics and then onto several operational management roles. It was in these roles that I managed large numbers of workplace behaviour issues and patient complaints. As my career progress and I was promoted to a Director role, and my work was then about staff management, behaviour management, grievance investigations and performance management. So, as you can see, I spent an enormous amount of time reviewing, investigating and managing problems and issues. I spent ten years managing the operation centre at which employed 170 staff and in the last three years in the ambulance I set up a separate business unit for the non-urgent ambulance patient transport service. I have been fully engaged as an investigator and completed a large number of Corporate and Compulsory Third-Party factual investigations. So as one might see, I was well-positioned to transition my skill set into the Private Investigator and Process Serving world, and I ensure I always treat people with dignity and respect.
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