Fraud & Theft Investigations

Depending on the nature of the fraud or theft in question and the case at hand, Key Essentials Investigations will systematically collate and analyse the available information and then cross-reference those findings with evidence that is uncovered in the field and during interviews.

Those records are then compiled and presented as up-to-date reports, showcasing evidence pertinent to the allegations, the potential suspects, their associated circumstances, and any other information relevant to the case. With that information, our clients are able to make an informed decision as of how to proceed with a particular concern; for example, calling the police, filing a lawsuit, or terminating a malicious member of staff.

Key Essential Investigation knows theft and fraud in the workplace can have a significant impact and when we speak with our clients we will look at the theft and fraud event and work together to effectively identify and stop the potential consequences that it may have on your business or organisation. Theft can be committed by anyone in your organisation. White-collar, blue-collar, male and female staff, religious and non-religious alike.

Motivating Factors

There are many different motivating factors but at the present time, the current economic climate will be a major factor in why people steal. In over 30 years of investigating Key Essentials Investigations has seen all manner of items stolen. We have investigated the theft of precision equipment, drugs, foodstuffs, and motor vehicles. There are open markets for any product and we are yet to find an item that does not have a re-sellable value.

There are other unforeseen costs than just dollars it can severely affect the morale of an organisation if staff are aware that there is a thief in their midst. Remember that as employers, our employees have a right to dignity in the workplace and we have a duty of care to them.

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Survey Shows

Finally, a recent survey shows that 1 in 4 employees steal from their employers, the size of the company does not matter, and you could be a multi-million dollar organisation or a small garage. The cost to a company or organisation can be catastrophic or negligible, but the percentage loss usually mounts up to be significant, especially in current times when we are all trying to maintain the highest profit in often adverse conditions. Most businesses or companies already suspect someone and Key Essentials Investigations will work with you to get the proof that will allow you to take decisive action to stop the occurrences and protect your business.

Many companies or businesses are not familiar with the process of investigations and sometimes make the mistakes of appointing one of their existing staff members to investigate workplace issues, theft, or fraud that occur within their company or business. But this can be a conflict of interest and doesn’t always result in a suitable outcome.

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Don't waste time and money when trying to resolve conflict or matters inhouse.

By appointing Key Essentials Investigations you will ensure your issue is investigated quickly and expertly at a realistic cost and this will allow you to rectify the problem quickly and effectively and minimise the impact on your business.

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Fraud & Theft

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