Process Server

Process Serving Legal Documents

Delivering Of All Legal Documents

Professional process serving is the key to get an outcome with the right results and effectively serve all legal and important documents. Key Essentials Investigations offer this service to all legal professionals in the Brisbane region and surrounding suburbs as well as Gold Coast. You will receive an accurate service from the initial receipt of instructions through to the return of a completed affidavit. The best part is there are no second parties or middle man. You deal directly with professional delivering and serving of your documents.

Key Essentials Investigations is licensed and comply with all relevant legislation. We understand the importance to get the right results the first time, and as soon as possible. Where it is possible, the same-day process serving may be completed. Generally, it may take up to 48 hours after being commissioned to the task. READ MORE

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Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations

Includes Workplace Conflict

When dealing with complex or inappropriate workplace behaviours Key Essentials Investigations can assist by investigating the issues and providing a factual base for employers to commence managing the behaviours. This is one area of specialty for Key Essentials Investigations.

Identifying the issues is sometimes the hardest thing as it can cover more than one person and problem. Complex grievances may lead to bullying and harassment, followed by predictable sick leave and this can take place in all types of workplaces. READ MORE

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Workplace Bullying

Bullying & Harassment

Workplace Bullying ~ Mistreatment ~ Verbal Abuse

Key Essentials Investigation is acutely aware bullying and harassment costs businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars each year through staff turnover, sick leave, productivity loss, and civil lawsuits.

This kind of behaviour in any workplace presents an unacceptable organisational risk to both your business and your people. READ MORE

Link to bullying and harassment 

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Insurance Investigations

Insurance Investigations

Includes all areas of private or Government agencies

Key Essentials Investigations offers clients specialist insurance investigation services throughout the whole of Queensland in the following areas:

  • Workers Compensation – General Insurance (Property and Motor Vehicle) for both insurers and law firms – Public Liability

Key Essentials Investigations is licensed by the Queensland Government pursuant to the Security Providers Act 1993 and provides timely investigation services within the timeframes set down by the General Insurance Code of Practice and relevant legislation. By understanding the concerns insurers hold about investigation processes, especially those matters that have been highlighted with the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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Fraud & Theft

Fraud and Theft

Within the Workplace or External

Depending on the nature of the fraud or theft in question and the case at hand, Key Essentials Investigations will systematically collate and analyse the available information and then cross-reference those findings with evidence that is uncovered in the field and during interviews.

Those records are then compiled and presented as up-to-date reports, showcasing evidence pertinent to the allegations, the potential suspects, their associated circumstances, and any other information relevant to the case. READ MORE

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Static ~ Covert

Surveillance involves observing, recording and documenting a given subject and their respective activities over a specified timeframe. Key Essentials Investigations are able to monitor homes, remote locations, businesses, friends, family, partners, assets and more, all while ensuring that the findings are delivered to our clients as often as requested.

Key Essentials Investigations will work as quickly as possible to minimise costs and reveal the information our clients need in a timely manner. It is important to note that surveillance investigations can take as little as a few hours or as long as a few weeks to finalise.

There are two types of surveillance that you can choose from, with each being specifically tailored to their exact requirements.

Covert Surveillance is the most common form of surveillance and allows private investigators to monitor a person or people of interest from varying locations, without them being aware that they are being monitored. This type of surveillance is usually employed in cases surrounding deceit, where a subject is suspected of engaging in secretive activities that need to be exposed.

Static surveillance is generally coupled with the one above, but involves Key Essentials Investigations monitoring an area or person of interest from a fixed location, such as a neighbouring building or fixed vantage point. These kinds of surveillance investigations are usually carried out when a suspect is known to be frequenting a particular place and/or where illegal or otherwise malicious activities are suspected of taking place at a specified location.

Key Essentials Investigations will always guide our clients as to which surveillance services to apply to their particular case.

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