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Workplace Bullying

Resolve Bullying Today Before It Escalates

Key Essentials Investigation is acutely aware bullying and harassment costs businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars each year through staff turnover, sick leave, productivity loss and civil lawsuits. This kind of behaviour in any workplace presents an unacceptable organisational risk to both your business and your people.

Key Essential Investigations has managed many events involving alleged harassment and bullying claims by employees and is acutely aware this workplace allegation needs to be professionally reviewed, investigated and managed to prevent escalating staff turnover, employee dissatisfaction, and absenteeism.

Many allegations that have been reviewed are identified as being ‘Reasonable Management Action’ and has prevented escalating consequences and resolved the issue at hand. The key focus is on identifying the instigator and / or bad behaviours, allowing your business to take immediate action to manage the situation and take corrective actions.

Repeated behaviours that can be considered bullying include:

  • Keeping someone out of a group (online or offline)

  • Giving nasty looks, making rude gestures, calling names, being rude and impolite, and constant negative teasing.

  • Spreading rumours or lies, or misrepresenting someone (i.e. using their Facebook account to post messages as if it were them).

  • Messing around that goes too far.

  • Harassing someone based on their race, sex, religion, gender or a disability.

  • Intentionally and repeatedly hurting or shaking someone.

  • Taking advantage of any power over someone else.

  • Raising your voice, yelling at a staff member whether it is face-to-face or over the phone.

Bullying Verses Conflict

Bullying is not the same as a conflict between people (like having a fight) or disliking someone, even though people might bully each other because of conflict or dislike.

Bullying is basically when people repeatedly and intentionally use words or actions against someone or a group of people to cause distress and risk to their wellbeing. People who do it usually have more influence or power over someone else, or want to make someone else feel less powerful or helpless.

Key Essential Investigations can assist by identifying the perpetrator and / or bad behaviours, allowing your business to immediately manage the situation and take corrective actions.

Take this link and read more on the Queensland Government on Workplace Bullying.

By appointing Key Essentials Investigations you will ensure your issue is investigated quickly and expertly at a realistic cost and this will allow you to rectify the problem quickly and effectively and minimise the impact on your business.

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