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Skip Tracing For Missing Persons

Key Essentials Investigations offers a professional service to locate missing persons or assets. Skip Tracing is the practice of locating a ‘missing’ individual using modern data mining techniques and advanced web investigations coupled with traditional investigative methods. These methods are field visits, phone calls, cold calling, and utilising well cultivated and trusted connections.

There’s no magic involved just intensive database mining, online forensics, tenacity and experience. People need to be found for various reasons. They may be required as a witness in court proceedings, be a missing family member or delinquent debtor. Lately, the restrictive nature of privacy laws is making the task increasingly difficult.

Key Essentials Investigations understands the need for privacy, but we also understand and sympathise with our client’s need to be able to contact people. There are many reasons for both legitimate commercial and private reasons.

Access to Data Includes:

  • Address – Date of birth.

  • Telephone/Mobile – Email addresses.

  • On fields such as telephone numbers, addresses email addresses a reverse lookup is performed to find out who else has used that number/email address or lived at an address.

  • Review of an individual and the addresses they have lived at, and also a display of family members too. This is excellent for identifying an individual’s movements.

  • Interrogation tools such as WhoIs Lookup and Wayback Machine and review domains and websites currently/previously owned by the subject.

  • Identification of current and historical phone listings with search options.

  • Parameterise searches so you can cast a wide net based on age and distance from a location.

  • Search on multiple phones, mobile and email addresses.

  • Ping mobile numbers and email addresses to see if they are valid.

All Search Activities Are Through Licensed and Legal Process

Please note that Key Essentials Investigations does not endorse illegal searching activities. Clients can be assured that every legal avenue will be used to complete their instructions and within budgetary constraints. Key Essentials Investigations believes if we cannot find the people or assets tasked to locate, they will not be found by legal means.

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