Surveillance Both Static and Covert

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Covert & Static Surveillance

Surveillance involves observing, recording and documenting a given subject and their respective activities over a specified timeframe. Key Essentials Investigations are able to monitor homes, remote locations, businesses, friends, family, partners, assets and more, all while ensuring that the findings are delivered to our clients as often as requested.

A team will work as quickly as possible to minimise costs and reveal the information our clients need in a timely manner. It is important to note that surveillance investigations can take as little as a few hours or as long as a few weeks to finalise.

There are two types of surveillance that you can choose from, with each being specifically tailored to their exact requirements.

1. Covert Surveillance is the most common form of surveillance and allows private investigators to monitor a person or people of interest from varying locations, without them being aware that they are being monitored. This type of surveillance is usually employed in cases surrounding deceit, where a subject is suspected of engaging in secretive activities that need to be exposed.

2. Static surveillance is generally coupled with the one above, but involves Key Essentials Investigations monitoring an area or person of interest from a fixed location, such as a neighbouring building or fixed vantage point. These kinds of surveillance investigations are usually carried out when a suspect is known to be frequenting a particular place and/or where illegal or otherwise malicious activities are suspected of taking place at a specified location.

Key Essentials Investigations will always guide our clients as to which surveillance services to apply to their particular case.

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