Corporate Workplace Investigations

Includes Workplace Conflict

When dealing with complex or inappropriate workplace behaviours Key Essentials Investigations can assist by investigating the issues and providing a factual base for employers to commence managing the behaviours. This is one area of specialty for Key Essentials Investigations.
Identifying the issues is sometimes the hardest thing as it can cover more than one person and problem. Complex grievances may lead to bullying and harassment, followed by predictable sick leave and this can take place in all types of workplaces.

Timesheet fraud is also another key area that can significantly impact on a company’s budget. Key Essentials Investigations can assist by identifying areas of fraud and misappropriation of funds, along with equipment and stock theft.

If you are dealing with employees you suspect are taking excessive sick leave, working a second job, not working safe, and putting you and your company at risk Key Essentials Investigations can help.

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Workplace Investigations Shall:

  • Be undertaken in a sensitive and respectful manner
  • Seek to examine all relevant facts surrounding the matters contained in the Investigation Terms of Reference
  • Ensure any relevant evidentiary avenues of enquiry are explored as they become apparent to the investigator
  • Where the issue relates to a complaint, seek statements from both the complainant/s and the employee subject to the complaint/allegations
  • Afford the subject to the allegations/complaint, reasonable notice (where possible, a minimum of 24 hours) of the time, date, and purpose of the interview.

Workplace InvestigationsCorporate Investigations

Workplace investigations are conducted to gather evidence and make a determination based on the findings of matters under investigation, based on the balance of probabilities.

Key Essentials Investigations is committed to ensuring that all workplace investigations are undertaken in an ethical, fair and robust manner, and adhere to the principles of integrity, natural justice and procedural fairness.

Many companies are not familiar with the process of investigations and sometimes make the mistakes of appointing one of their existing staff members to investigate workplace issues, theft, or fraud that occur within their company or business. But this doesn’t always result in a suitable outcome.

Here are 5 Key Reasons Why You Should Appoint an External Private Investigator! Take This Link. 

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Workplace Investigations

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